The Finale

Day 14 of the writing challenge has arrived. With whatever I post here, I've completed the challenge. As soon as I push that button, poof. Test complete. Passed, with colors that, if not exactly flying, put up a strong leap. 

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What did I gain from the experience?

Well. A more nuanced blogger or a more considerate writer might have taken time before the penning stage to consider what she was going to immortalize. As may be evident from my slapdash posts, I am not that writer. I am not so considerate. I write pretty much whatsoever comes to mind, even to the point of shunting many of my own ideas into the shadows so the newest rising star can snag the spotlight. 

It's a big hogwash, a bit improvised. Fueled in part by anger, in part by hope, and in part by my own lovely pineal gland. It's a lot of things, these posts I create. But planned and sorted, they are not. 

This spot I designed for myself -- this tiny corner of the web -- it's my place for verbatim. Unedited, reckless, moment-by-moment that it is, it is mine. And maybe someday I'll take these thoughts somewhere else. And if I do, I'll be the one to say the word, as it happens, and the next. 

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All in all, a successful experiment, I think. Even if the output is largely rambling to the casual observer. They're my ramblings, then, and I like them that way -- for now. 

For what are our storytellers but ramblers who've learned to spool in an audience?

For now, I'm ready to practice with a few more yarns. 

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Next time we stop counting days, except perhaps to mark here at the bottom of the screen. 

For those who read all the way down -- did you make a bet in the beginning of this thing as to which side of the coin it would hit? Did you win? Your prize is self-satisfaction! Or self-loathing! Dealer's choice :P

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I won. So. There. Now you get dinner.
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