SCP Level 2 entry

Today (day  4  5 of the 2-week-writing challenge), I'd like to try something different finishing yesterday's entry. Something I've been meaning to do for a while nearly 24 hours

Ever By now you've heard of the SCP Foundation series?, a wikipedia-like hub of articles and stories documenting paranormal, abnormal and otherwise weird stuff. It has things like redacted information or entries that, by their amendments, tell a story again and on top of that of the original SCP entry. Finding these hidden trails, reading into innovative concepts as storytelling devices and the sheer creativity of the ideas are just a few of the reasons that I've become hooked on the genre. I'm not sure that anyone has defined it as a genre before, but there's no better word for it. It's that large and complex. 

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I've been reading voraciously through the whole SCP database for a while now, and as with my Reddit account, I've largely been a lurker. Yet this year, I've begun I've begun to seek a greater sense of participation, to mixed results. I keep coming back, and my confidence toward the idea is growing, so I'm making to follow the scent to the end. venturing into helping others on Reddit, so maybe it's time for that SCP entry I've been meaning to write to make an appearance as well. One needs a registered account to post new SCP entries (or skips, as they're sometimes called), so I'm not sure just when/if this might make it on to the site until I get to the big stage, For now, it can live I'll hone my craft here. It's no One day I'd like to write an entry as inspiring as that bag of potatoes, but few of us are deep enough souls for that kind of worldbuilding, especially right here at the start

The practicing step today is playing with version edits that show the history. Especially with these limited, bold means. 

SCP 5837 - Caveat Monetæ Emptor 

Item #: SCP-5837

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5837 is to be stored at Site-32 in the small-size artifact storage lockers. The locker number designated to SCP-5837 is to be changed every 9 days and SCP-5837 is to remain in its currently-designated locker at all times when not in testing, transit, or undergoing procedure ██████. SCP-5837 is to undergo procedure ██████ at least twice every 22 days. Intervals between procedures are not to exceed 15 days, though the spacing between procedures need not be regulated to the day beyond this point. Access is limited to Level 2 personnel and all personnel handling SCP-5837 must submit to full bloodwork once each lunar cycle. Personnel assigned to SCP-5837 who do not report for duty for a period extending three (3) days in row without prior consent from their manager are to have their credentials and assets frozen immediately, with Task Force Cache-Omega deployed to track down and return SCP-5837 to Site-32. Personnel absent from their stations in this manner, regardless of the reason for their absence, are to be administered Class A amnestics and monitored for one week before being reintroduced to their station.  

All testing of SCP-5837 is to take place within sub-basement four. Attempts to modify this constriction or solicit for real-world testing, regardless of intent or purpose, for the present date or future, are grounds for immediate dismissal reassignment and administration of level-5 amnestics

Description: SCP-5837, at present, appears to be a U.S. one dollar bill, folded and mildly crumpled, of indeterminate year U.S. dollar bill. Testing personnel who view the printing date on SCP-5837 unanimously claim it to be of 20th-century manufacture, but are unable to name the exact date printed on the bill when pressed. Efforts by Level 5 members of the anti-memetics division have determined the most commonly visible printing date, although technically not a distinct date of any kind, to be from the decade of the 1980's. 

SCP-5837 displays no effect when undergoing procedure ██████. When SCP-5837 changes hands without attachment to a service, product, experience or promise, and so long as it does not sit idle for a period of more than 15-22 days, SCP-5837 does not impact the individuals who exchange it negatively, nor does it exhibit effects on the outside world or global economy. Continued study of SCP-5837 has determined that, in the event that a single individual takes possession of SCP-5837 but does not spend or otherwise exchange SCP-5837, the individual is statistically more likely to have positive chance encounters dealing with financial matters. The extent of this increase in positive encounters is currently under further study. 

When SCP-5837 is exchanged as a form of commerce, however, its effects will increase exponentially with each successive "pass," exchange in the form of adverse circumstance to the exchanger and, eventually, to human commercial exchange at large. See reconstructed historical timeline in Appendix A.

SCP-5837 first came to the Foundation's attention in 1997 following the collapse of the Santa Monica Pier and midway. Foundation agents secured SCP-5837 through protracted efforts from Bobby Graham, who was found amid the wreckage of the ring-toss stand clutching SCP-5837, crouched next to his father, who had been crushed by the recently-fallen arm of one of the ferris wheel carriages. Bobby was eventually convinced to relinquish SCP-5837 on the condition that the bill be torn up or otherwise destroyed. Foundation agents were successfully able to interview Bobby regarding the circumstances of his encounter with SCP-5837 without the knowledge of SCP-5837's continued existence coming to light (see Interview Log A1). However, Bobby's subsequent escape and creation of the sect now known popularly as Moneytheism, in addition to the interview conducted shortly before his death, indicate that an unknown member or members of Foundation staff shared the fact of SCP-5837's continued existence with Bobby in exchange for an unknown price. Further investigation is underway.  

The extent of the damage caused by SCP-5837 is directly correlated to how many "passes" exchanges of SCP-5837 take place in a given period of time. Accordingly, effects that go beyond the individual are recorded have been observed only when SCP-5837 is passed exchanged a minimum of three (3) times in a 24-hour period. Notably, this window of time is measured not by atomic units of time, but is instead impacted by any human interpretation of time that might impact usual commercial operations. Individuals suffering from the effects of having exchanged SCP-5837, in addition to their material losses (see Interview Log A2 for examples), report a feeling of internal loss that Foundation researchers have been unable to identify. This feeling increases with each successive exchange, such that those who have traded SCP-5837 once report being bothered by this loss as by a persistent mosquito, or by the sensation that they have skipped lunch, with most reporting an ability to "tune out" the feeling with some practice. Those who exchange SCP-5837 two to three times indicate a deeper feeling of loss. Foundation researchers interviewing such individuals have reported an increasing disinterest in conducting their own interviews, with the repeated comment that "it wasn't worth it." Foundation records indicate testing schedules for individuals exchanging SCP-5837 more than three times, but no logs exist for these tests and no individuals slated for testing are present in Foundation custody, nor are any records for these individuals, beyond their names on the testing schedule. Further investigations into this matter are ongoing. 

In addition to its individual effects, SCP-5837 displays global effects on the national economy of the United States and, by virtue of the United States's role in the global economy, also worldwide. The extent of these effects are not yet well understood. 

Time is also a factor in calculating SCP-5837's effects. An individual who has exchanged SCP-5837 once will continue to suffer its effects with a half-life consistent with the inverse of the inflation rate of the U.S. dollar. SCP-5837 exchanges that impact more than one individual scale exponentially if SCP-5837 is exchanged multiple times in under a 24-hour period, but exchanges which are spaced out increase only linearly. 

...entry to be continued tomorrow. More developments tomorrow.